Jae Daniel pop-ified.









Because I have no bio yet:

  • I love the road.
  • I drink a lot of coffee and chamomile tea with organic honey.
  • Hockey is my favorite sport.
  • Stout & Porter before anything else.
  • I don’t care what race, religion, political party, or sexual orientation you are but I do care if you’re a mean.
  • I don’t own a television but I am always online.
  • If it’s mainstream, I probably won’t like it.
  • I’m not motivated by money.
  • I am motivated by ideas.
  • I grow organic food.
  • I heat my home and studio with wood.
  • I love Indie, DIY, and small businesses and support them when I can.
  • Producing myself is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.
  • I was born in Buffalo, NY. It gets a bad rap, some justified some not.
  • Oh Canada.
  • Melodies speak louder than words.

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