9 comments on “Ron Hawkins & LeAnn Rimes

  1. Sad… especially because her last album was quite good. Maybe she’ll make a comeback like Tanya Tucker did.

    • I can promise you it wasn’t from lack of talent. She can truly sing with conviction. Even though she had no crowd, she played to who was there, talking with folks and signing stuff from the stage.

  2. My loathing of Leann Rimes (her character rather than her voice) sent me off to listed to samples of The Lowest of the Low – Shakespeare My Butt. Nice!
    I just bought the only available (imported) CD from Amazon UK. Thanks :))

    • Ha! I’m right with you. She was very “DIVA” before and after the show. During her performance, however, I must give her credit. She really took it down and gave her fans a pleasant performance.

    • Oh, yeah. And I’m so glad you grabbed the Lowest of the Low’s first CD. Ron and Stephen are really nice guys and, in my opinion, deserved a longer go of it back then. They never really took off to the mainstream listener. Too cerebral lyrically? I dunno. The second album by them is decent too, if you can find one.

  3. Loved your blog post on the Ride for Roswell Leann Rimes performance. You cant just tease us like that! What was the diva behavior she exhibited? And can you give me a hint on what you saw besides water and wine? LOL Too curious!

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