2 comments on “Happy Earth Day

  1. Proud to say that I was there when you got it. I have two currently; the second – a honu turtle – was inspired by your wedding. The logo on the sail from the cruise we took is what I have on my back. Interestingly enough, when Angie and I went to Kauai we did the same tour and they still had my info. I got a sweet discount.

    We are off to Kauai to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and I am getting my right shoulder done with a polynesian design.. Much like you it marks a significant time period and important point in my life. I can’t wait.

    • Kauai, what a fantastic place. Can’t wait to get back there. This first tattoo marks a time in my life when things went really, really well for several years. Thanks to you. Who knew what that would really lead to? Now I often think I want to get back on a bus again.

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